Got Heavy Bleeding? Get Wild Yam!

Got Heavy Bleeding?  Get Wild Yam!

Heavy bleeding, menorrhagia, is common in early menstruating years, in peri-menopause, and at times when hormones are fluctuating and unbalanced.

(There are a whole host of medical problems that can precipitate menorrhagia but I will stick to simple, hormonal imbalances here.)

Western medicine’s answer to the problem is to regulate a females cycle using synthetic hormones.  Often times this means prescribing birth control pills to teenagers (women of all ages, really!) to regulate their cycles.  A teen’s body just started to function in a menstruating way; do we really expect it to function perfectly from the beginning?  Should we not let her body settle into what will be normal for her?

When menstrual symptoms persist, I urge females to turn to nature for help.

Actions to take:   (Ask me for my educational handouts on any of these below topics.)

1.  100% whole food diet – When we feed our bodies whole food, as nature gave them to us, our bodies respond with vibrant health.  This means all physiological processes function as they were meant to.  This means balanced reproductive cycles.

2.  Outdoor exercise, fresh air, and natural light – all three are essential for the optimum function of your body.  Go now, get your boots, sneakers, or flip flops on (depending on where you live on this beautiful planet) and get outside.  Your ovaries, your whole body, will thank you!  Get natural sun light and moon light.  Natural light regulates your hormones.  Nature is amazing.  You are nature. You are amazing!

3.  Sleep – Your body functions best with plenty of sleep, preferably before 10 PM.  This ensures the best natural rhythms of the body, rhythms that like to follow nature’s rhythms because we are nature.

4. Herbs:  There are many herbs that work to balance the female reproductive organs, hormones, cycle… Herbs are food that feed the body cells, nourish your whole body, mind, and soul.  You can take herbs in multi-herb formulas or in single herb healing medicines, depending on what you are trying to nourish and heal.

Remember, herbs are food.  Using herbs is akin to eating fruits and vegetables. Ask a certified herbalist for help finding the formula best suited to your reproductive needs.

I use wild yam, in varying doses to match the natural female cycle and the rising & falling of progesterone, to prevent the gushing bleeding of peri-menopause. Again, wild yam works like a charm.
My moon flow is very light (mini pad) except for about 12 hours of moderately light flow and it last about 48 hours, sometimes 2 1/2 days.  I was doing the “gush thing” that soaked through pads, clothes, coats, car seat, etc.  Huge clots everywhere and I am glad to have ended that crap with herbs… wild yam!
The female hormonal cycles:
female cycle
Wild Yam has also ended my monthly, hormonal-shift migraines. These migraines can happen to women when the estrogen or progesterone levels drop during the monthly cycle.  While this is a normal hormonal drop (see cycle chart above), as hormones do not stay at the same level all month, in some women this shift in hormones can trigger migraines.  Those “beautiful” migraines plagued me for years until I figured out it was an estrogen dominance issue.  Wild Yam to my rescue!
Years ago, I used wild yam as my birth control.  Again, worked like a charm.  I would recommend you do not use just any wild yam off the store shelves, use Living Earth’s product.  See below.  AND, read the booklet to know how to take it properly for birth control.  Again, need help, ask.
Below are 2 booklets (The first two are booklets and yes, I have copies of all) and 1 full size book on Wild Yam.  This is good reading to learn the wonders of natural healing; taking self-responsibility for the health of your body.

wild yam books

The below companies are one I have used, personally and for client’s health and healing needs.  I trust these companies and their products. Click on images below to visit the companies that offer these female balancing herbs and herbal formulas. Need help, ask.

Blessing of good health, Paula

                                                                  wild yam               Green Bush Natural Productsgreenbush            


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