The “Pill” and Hormonal Birth Control…

The “Pill” and Hormonal Birth Control…Not all it is cracked up to be!

I have written a few posts about hormonal methods of birth control and the ill effects these hormones have on female health.

Birth-control killed our daughter: Parents vow to continue their fight against NuvaRing makers after REJECTING $100 million settlement    

Read more on this young gal’s death due to hormonal birth control.

View this content on Daily Mail Online's website

Keep in mind, hormonal birth control is hormonal birth control: BC pills, NuvaRing, hormone shots in the ass, implants in the arm, hormonal IUD … these are all fake hormones and completely disrupt your natural menstrual cycle.

There are many ways to be-friend your body, your menstrual cycle, and your fertility in a manner that works with nature, not against it.  Read up, learn how your menstrual cycle flows from month to month, learn how to tell when you are fertile and how to work with your natural cycle to prevent and plan pregnancy when being a mom will work for you.

There are many good resources out there on natural fertility and birth control. Get reading, ask for help!  I will share books I have used and wisdom I have gathered over the years.  There are great blogs dedicated to this topic! Have fun reading and learning!



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