Conscious Men’s Creed to Women of the World

conscious men's

This Conscious Men’s youtube video has circulated about for 2 years and I just caught wind of it!

Would love to hear your thoughts and reactions. Have you seen it before? If so, how long ago (how long have I been in the dark?)?

Blessings, Paula


6 thoughts on “Conscious Men’s Creed to Women of the World

  1. Paula. I too have not seen this til now, thank you! and watched it and loved it!
    I am glad that films and “Conscious Men” exists… it’s a good start to an effort to balance out thousands of years of imbalance. Bravo! Sharing this… perhaps on my blog. xoox


  2. Paula! Your boys (young men almost!!) are super stoked to have YOU for their mommy! You inspire me and I truly look forward to your blog posts in my inbox! Keep ’em coming and yes! I agree completely, the diverse perspectives are certainly interesting, if not entertaining! Open minds are like parachutes, right?

    Much love Soul sister xoox


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