The Case of the Missing Keeper

Anybody seen this item? Any idea of it’s whereabouts?

I am a day or so from my monthly cycle and all excited to use my brand new Luna Pads and Glad Rags. I head to the bathroom to gather up all my new, organic, cloth pads and have them ready for the big event.

I decide to put my Keeper with them so everything is handy. My keeper is my favorite menstrual collection product.

After 15 1/2 years… I can’t find the keeper!  This is making me crazy as I tore both the bathroom and closet apart searching for my ‘lil brown Keeper.

I am giving up, leaving this to fate… my fate is to rely solely on the Glad Rags and Luna Pads. (I confess. I put my sea sponge tampon in the bag of cloth pads. I have to be ready in case the weather decides to take a turn back to summer. So many lakes and rivers to swim!

My dilemma:  Do I buy another Keeper? Can I live without a Keeper.

Ridiculous thought… I am heading over to the Keeper site, biting the bullet, and buying a new one. I just know it will not arrive in time!          : (


4 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Keeper

  1. Paula! I LOVE this and require your help! Firstly, I love your news re: Glad Rags etc. And, back in the day, I used Glad Rags and had a Moon bowl for years when I lived in NY. For some reason, I stopped using those and went total tamp. style.

    I have jumped on the bandwagon of NOT using pads, tamps and the like… organic of course, back in January. I was in Kauai and picked up the Diva Cup, based on 2 sisters’ recommendation. So, I got it.

    I’ve been using it for 8 months… and, I am not satisfied! I wish I could be, perhaps it’s the shape of my bits and my cervix tilt. Anyway, I am hoping that you can give me some wise words perhaps The Keeper is a better cup for me. I really really really love the ‘benes’ of this option. I have been on the DC website and researched troubleshooting… to no avail. I still experience major leakage no matter how I position the DC.

    Thoughts, ideas about my dilemma?
    Thank you in advance…
    your left coast red tent sister

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    • Hey There West Coast Red Tent Sister!

      I want my Keeper cup back! I tore apart the bathroom, again, last night after writing this. Hate to say I am in a panic about my period about to start and NO keeper to be found. What the hell could happen to a keeper in my house? 2 sons, they are not interested unless they are using it for a shot glass? 🙂

      Was your moon bowl the moon cup? I tried that one, nah, not for me…

      I like the keeper cuz it did not leak for me. It is sturdier material and retains it’s shape better when inside. I tried a couple of others, over the years, and did not like them either…. leaked, uncomfortable, felt like they were falling out (guess I should say slipping out!). The keeper stays in place.

      Hope mine comes soon!

      Have you tried the keeper?

      HUGE hugs from remote NY!


  2. Hi Paula!
    Ha ha! I hope that a. your Keeper shows up or b. your new one arrives

    The Moon Bowl I had (not sure that that was the actual name) but it was a largish white ceramic bowl to soak the up the blood from the moon pads…

    Anyway, I have not tried the keeper. The one that I am using now does not slip out, but the leakage issue is so not sustainable for me… gotta do something asap!

    I’ll keep ya posted on my progress here out in the Wild West!


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