Taking Care of Mother Earth & All Her Life


The kid on the right is not mine but got caught up in the lawn mowing fun. A little tit for tat after they stacked wood at his home this AM.

So this morning I sent my kids out to mow the lawn. This always entails a lengthy briefing, weed walk, about the yard to warn them what to avoid cutting.

back yard plant menagerie

milk weed, wild mint, white clover and black eyed susan, red clover, marshmallow

  1. Be careful…Don’t mow the marshmallow plant next to the sandstone steps. Marshmallow is a healing herb.
  2. Avoid those purple flower patches too. That is self-heal, another good healing herb.
  3. Stop at the edge of the yard where the plants get taller. I have a whole garden of wild mint and I want it to spread.
  4. Please avoid all of the milk weed plants. To which Eli responds: “Mom, there are hundreds of them.” Yeah, I know. They are for the Monarchs. Just be careful.
  5. And remember, mow around the Mullein plants. They are great lung & ear healers and bone building plants. Eli sighs and says… “Why can’t you just be normal?”  Jake retreats into the house to work on school work; probably a good choice right now!
  6. We pass by a patch of white clover… oh, don’t mow that white clover. The bees and butterflies are feeding on it right now. Sometimes a deer or two comes into the yard to eat it. And look, there are Black Eyed Susans growing in the middle of the white clover patches. Which reminds me, don’t mow the red clover patches either. “Mom, the whole back yard has huge patches of white clover. What am I supposed to mow?” Ok, you are correct. Skip the backyard for now, let’s go look at the side yard.
  7. OK, about that side yard boys… there are Indian Paintbrushes and Buttercups starting to bloom. Please don’t cut them. They add such pretty orange-red and yellow color to the sea of green plants. “Mom, they are all over the place.” Yeah, I see that. OK, skip the side yard.
  8. “Mom, the part you let us mow on the other side of the driveway (most of that part of the lawn is left to bloom wild flowers of all sorts)… it is covered with white clover. Are we to try and mow around those patches?” Nah, ‘ya know what… skip that part too. We’ll get it when the white clover blossoms turn brown and shrivel.

So Mom… what exactly do you want us to mow? Ok, just skip mowing most of the yard and just mow up near the steps to the house and along the fence. It is all just grass there. Well, except for the Mullein growing by each fence post. Be careful, I transplanted them from the middle of the back yard so you would not have to mow around them.  To which Eli rolls his eyes and his buddy, Aj, just chuckles. All weeds (they are healing herbs!) are welcome in our yard.

How about we go for a walk in the woods instead and leave the good plants from Mother Earth to feed all her living beings?

happy face sun

woman holding globe


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