Wild Yam at Nature’s Storehouse, Canton, NY

I have praised the virtues of wild yam for menstrual and hormonal health in many blog posts: (this is just 2 of the posts, click the titles to go to the links) Wild Yam… A Gal’s Best Friend! Got Heavy Bleeding? Get Wild Yam! I always recommend Living Earth Wild Yam as it is sold for birth […]

Wild Yam… A Gal’s Best Friend!

I have praised the virtues of wild yam before.  I am writing to remind you how this blessed, natural plant can help to re-balance your menstrual cycles and female reproductive health. Things wild yam can do for your fantastic female body: (Men, pass this along to your lady friends, they may just thank you!) Wild […]

Looking For: Females who have used Wild Yam for Birth Control

Hello Ladies, I am searching out women who have used wild yam for birth control. I am curious around both success stories and not so successful stories. I am gathering information to potentially rewrite the booklet for the publishing company:   If interested and used Wild Yam for birth control, email me at pyoumell@gmail.com Thanks […]

Got Heavy Bleeding? Get Wild Yam!

Got Heavy Bleeding?  Get Wild Yam! Heavy bleeding, menorrhagia, is common in early menstruating years, in peri-menopause, and at times when hormones are fluctuating and unbalanced. (There are a whole host of medical problems that can precipitate menorrhagia but I will stick to simple, hormonal imbalances here.) Western medicine’s answer to the problem is to […]

Dancing with Menopause’s Magic

It has been a bit of time since I posted here! Take a seat dear female friends… I have much to tell you and good Menopausal Magic to share with your feminine spirits. My Natural Health Education / Functional Medicine Consultation practice is a busy space for me to be in!  And… I have been […]

Menopausal Effects On Our Vulvas & Vaginas

Vaginal Atrophy, Atrophic Vaginitis… Hmm, not very positive or friendly sounding words.  As an OB/GYN Nurse working in a variety of clinical settings for years, I heard these terms quite frequently. My reaction was varied depending on the day, my mood, etc.: negative, why do female health matters always seem to be labeled in negative […]

Lost In “The” Vagina

In my last post: Voluptuous Vagina™s I spoke of placing a split open aloe leaf into the vagina for soothing many common vaginal irritations. I mentioned that if removal of this aloe leaf was a struggle… Remove in AM by inserting a finger inside the vagina and dragging out the aloe. Removal an issue for you? Stay […]

Voluptuous Vagina™s

The Vagina is an amazing organ. Truthfully, most females do not give their vagina a second thought unless: They are having struggles with it, They want to use it, or They discover they are pregnant (please refer back to #2). Women’s mysteries used to be shared knowledge. All females knew the intricacies and expectations of […]

Herbs are Healing, Whole Foods for Your Reproductive Tract

Herbs are Healing, Whole Foods for Your Reproductive Tract Herbs are amazing, healing tools because herbs are whole foods. Whole foods nourish each and every cell in your body. Whole food eating means feeding our bodies the way nature intended. This means eating foods in their natural state, as close to the perfectly “whole” state in which […]