Menstruation & Newsweek!

Newsweek cover, 350x450

DeAnna L’am wrote a fabulous blog post about the Newsweek article on menstruation.

Catch it here, it is a good one!   When Newsweek Met Menstruation by DeAnna L’am

DeAnna L’am – Bio:

Fondly known as ‘Womb Visionary’, DeAnna’s work has been transforming women’s lives around the world for over 25 years. She holds Initiation ceremonies for women and girls, reveals the spiritual forces hidden in Menstruation and Menopause, and teaches women how to hold Red Tents in their communities.

Internationally recognized as a pioneer in Menstrual Empowerment, DeAnna is author of‘Becoming Peers – Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood’ and ‘A Diva’s Guide to Getting Your Period’. She is founder of Red Moon School of Empowerment for Women & Girls™ and of Red Tents In Every Neighborhood – Global Movement. Visit her at:


Why You Should Use Organic Menstrual Care Products


Females: Know what you are putting in and on your body. The mucous membranes of the vaginal area are very sensitive and blood rich tissue. This means the blood circulation in this area pulls toxins into your blood stream easily.

Consider using organically grown cotton made pads and tampons, organic cotton reusable pads, sea sponge tampons, moon cup /menstrual cups. I will post sites to learn and possibly purchase from below.


I LOVE my Luna Pad, organic, no dye, reusable pads. It is so easy to remove the top layer liner pad and replace it before you soak through. Which you won’t soak through with Luna pads as they have a soak proof barrier!

Article to read on Roundup toxic pesticide in your menstrual care products:

Products that are clean, chemical free, and most are reusable to prevent more garbage pile up in the world:

  1. Reusable pads and tampons:
  2. Reusable pads and tampons:
  3. Reusable pads and tampons:
  4. Reusable pads and tampons:
  5. Just one brand of menstrual cup:
  6. Sea Sponge reusable tampons:
  7. Disposable organic pads & tampons (great for travel when carrying reusable used menstrual pads is not convenient):


What is a menstrual cup?

Awesome book on natural menstruation and feminine energy; much healing information from many wise women (AND all of the book $$$ goes to supply women in 3rd world countries with safe menstrual care products, how cool is that!?)

eaf77-lilmgxqouennno1w-y10mzn9lbgbngujpxvsj62o9bmrdikccwxyentmporng_oq7yxsffzplpt6i6a3-ghu5n-mpp1ehh-eshvrjlvldkz-c8e3ggaymhpudvk83ylojk4wd_kdbijvt0jdxs4qnzafgrj6_qdro4jzxmrn95gmurm9hwneyohps0-d-e1-f      Check this book out and buy now You will be glad you did… share with all your female friends until the page edges are tattered and torn with love and wisdom sharing!

Want to learn more about your beautiful female self and your connected-ness to the moon and all life?

♀ MOON SCHOOL: An 8 week eCourse for all females no matter where you are in your life cycle. Relearning the beauty of female ways from menarche to Wise Woman Menopausal years. A beautiful way to reclaim your life force power and wisdom as a female.  Click here for more information.

Love & Light to you as we care for self, others, and the planet as a whole living being, Paula

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Moon School: May Day SALE to Empower Your Female Energy

bright blessings maiden

Jaine Rose Art, UK

How a girl crosses into Menarche casts a long shadow over her menstruating years… Make that shadow one of brilliant white light and joy!
How a woman crosses into her Mothering Years (whether she births children, art, great projects, creative endeavors, etc.) casts a shadow over her young and middle adult years… Females Be empowered to create in Joy!
How a woman crosses into Menopause, her Wise Woman Years, casts a shadow over her senior years. Empower our elders by reminding them of their amazing wisdom, strength, and need to be a sturdy voice in both their family & community.
At menarche a woman enters her power, Through menstruation she practices her power, At menopause she becomes her power.
                                                                              Native American Wisdom

Empowering Females to understand the:

  • magic in their menstrual cycles,
  • the power in their cyclic periods, and the
  • understanding in their uterus… the wisdom in their womb

is the gift I present to all females in the Moon School:  Female Moon Cycle Wisdom Training (Online Course)

MAY DAY SALE:  $50 Buck today!   This $50 buck sale was a big success to celebrate my 50th Birthday. Let us now celebrate May Day: Spring, dancing into Summer, and being a Fabulous Female. Online Course Starts May 6th… Join us and I promise you will be glad you did. I Promise! happy face

The More Females Who Re-Gather This Female Wisdom Into Themselves The Better A World We Can Re-Create & Heal!

Join Today, Encourage Your Family & Friends (Males Too!) to Join in the Energy to Heal Self and Our Earth by Re-Balancing Female & Male Energy. It is your gift to yourself and to the Greater Good!  Blessings, Paula

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Wild Yam at Nature’s Storehouse, Canton, NY

wild yam

I have praised the virtues of wild yam for menstrual and hormonal health in many blog posts: (this is just 2 of the posts, click the titles to go to the links)

Wild Yam… A Gal’s Best Friend!

Got Heavy Bleeding? Get Wild Yam!

I always recommend Living Earth Wild Yam as it is sold for birth control. It has to be high quality wild yam or it will not work and Living Earth will be out of business. It is a good company to trust.

Living Earth Wild Yam is now available at Nature’s Storehouse in Canton, NY. If you are local and use wild yam it is handy to buy now. If you want to try wild yam to reduce menstrual bleeding, you can do so easily now.

As with any health and healing concern, check with a healer to see if you need other herbs and lifestyle changes to help heal your body.

With heavy bleeding there are many other changes you can make to accentuate the wild yam being effective at reducing estrogen dominance symptoms.

Give me a shout if you need help, locally or via long distance consulting. Cheers!

My Pad Opinion

In case you care…!

I finally got my period. OK, so not like it was late or anything, right on time. BUT, when one is eagerly awaiting the chance to use their new Glad Rags and Luna Pads… well, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas.

I used them both and have to say I am terribly disappointed. Did I mention disappointed in me, myself. Why the hell did I not buy these cotton, fluffy soft things years ago? Me, the queen of cloth diapers and I did not bridge the gap to cloth menstrual pads. Lazy girl I was!

Glad Rags:

  • extremely comfy
  • soft
  • stayed in place 
  • absorbed blood nicely, no leaking

Luna Pads:

  • ditto
  • what more can I say?

Now, for the things to get used to and what I like better:

  • the cloth pads are a bit more bulk between your legs, which takes some getting used to (30 seconds or so!) after using Natracare thin pads for years.
  • I liked the Luna Pad design better because it made more sense to me. I am a common sense kind of girl! *The pads fit on top of the base and so the base does not need to be changed each time you change your pads. (Unless you have heavy flow and soak through everything. But I use wild yam, daily, and it keeps the peri-menopausal symptoms non-existent, no heavy flow here my friends!) The Glad Rag pads fit inside the base pad thingy that connects to your underwear. This means the outside of the base is what gets bloody first. Naturally, you have to change the whole base each time you change your pads, meaning you need extra base thingys. If you do not bleed heavily, the inside pads can be put into a new base thingy. Trust me, this will all make sense if you start using these amazing cotton pads and I recommend you do!
  • Because I will run out of the base Glad Rag thingys, I will sew elastic strips across the crotch part of my underwear. This will mimic the Luna Pad holder base pad and I can use up the extra pads without needing extra Glad Rag base pads.

The below picture shows how a Glad Rag fits inside the base. Base gets bloody first and needs replacing each change.

The below picture shows how the Luna Pad sits on top of the base, slides into the rick rack elastic strips. Base can stay clean and only the top pad needs replacing (depending on your flow, of course.)

Overall, I am thrilled I bought a set from both companies and will use them until I no longer bleed, ‘ya know, when I enter my true wise woman years!

Maybe I will buy a pair of the Luna-Panties that already have the elastic bands right in them… just insert the pad!

MAIA Organic Bikini Lunapanties       MAIA Organic Bikini Lunapanties

*By the way, for clarification: the base thingys are called holders and the extra pads are called inserts.

Go ahead, be brave, get yourself some cotton, re-usable menstrual pads before you are 49 and creeping towards the wise woman years!  I love them!

PS  I still love my Keeper Menstrual Cup and am so glad I found my 15 year friend.  Of course, why wouldn’t I after purchasing a new one!

Case Closed!


So I finally located the missing Keeper. And just in the nick of time. I felt the warning uterine cramps and headed for the bathroom. Yes, the same bathroom I tore apart 3 times looking for this divine ‘lil piece of rubber. There it was, right in front of my eyes, where I had looked numerous times. Must be the magic, menstrual fairies were messing with me!

It was hiding in the bag of disposable, organic cotton tampons and pads I had tucked away. I was on my quest to move into using only my newly purchased Glad Rags and Luna Pads. Apparently, I was over looking this bag of sworn off disposables!

I am psyched to have “it” all together again! Now for that new Keeper I just ordered… wondering what I shall do with it. Perhaps a fun “shot glass” to invite questions at my next deck party? Gift a female in need? Save for one of my son’s future girlfriends?

In any event… case closed!

Moon Magic Hugs!

The Case of the Missing Keeper

Anybody seen this item? Any idea of it’s whereabouts?

I am a day or so from my monthly cycle and all excited to use my brand new Luna Pads and Glad Rags. I head to the bathroom to gather up all my new, organic, cloth pads and have them ready for the big event.

I decide to put my Keeper with them so everything is handy. My keeper is my favorite menstrual collection product.

After 15 1/2 years… I can’t find the keeper!  This is making me crazy as I tore both the bathroom and closet apart searching for my ‘lil brown Keeper.

I am giving up, leaving this to fate… my fate is to rely solely on the Glad Rags and Luna Pads. (I confess. I put my sea sponge tampon in the bag of cloth pads. I have to be ready in case the weather decides to take a turn back to summer. So many lakes and rivers to swim!

My dilemma:  Do I buy another Keeper? Can I live without a Keeper.

Ridiculous thought… I am heading over to the Keeper site, biting the bullet, and buying a new one. I just know it will not arrive in time!          : (