The Case of the Missing Keeper

Anybody seen this item? Any idea of it’s whereabouts?

I am a day or so from my monthly cycle and all excited to use my brand new Luna Pads and Glad Rags. I head to the bathroom to gather up all my new, organic, cloth pads and have them ready for the big event.

I decide to put my Keeper with them so everything is handy. My keeper is my favorite menstrual collection product.

After 15 1/2 years… I can’t find the keeper!  This is making me crazy as I tore both the bathroom and closet apart searching for my ‘lil brown Keeper.

I am giving up, leaving this to fate… my fate is to rely solely on the Glad Rags and Luna Pads. (I confess. I put my sea sponge tampon in the bag of cloth pads. I have to be ready in case the weather decides to take a turn back to summer. So many lakes and rivers to swim!

My dilemma:  Do I buy another Keeper? Can I live without a Keeper.

Ridiculous thought… I am heading over to the Keeper site, biting the bullet, and buying a new one. I just know it will not arrive in time!          : (


Woman’s Wisdom

full moon lodge

In Native American – Wise Woman tradition there is a philosophy, saying, that when a girl starts her moon cycles she meets her wisdom.

As a woman walks through life experiencing and embracing her womanhood, her moon cycles, she is practicing her wisdom.

When a woman transitions out of her monthly moon cycles, she becomes her wisdom.

What a beautiful way to initiate young girls into the mysteries of womanhood, embracing the very energy and cycles that make her uniquely a woman and her own true self.

What a way to remind woman of the divine aspect of their moon cycles, of their feminine being, the ebb and flow of their life in harmony with nature’s cycles (we are nature).

Wherever you are in your moon cycles: beginning flow of teen years into bleeding time womanhood and beyond, use your moon cycles to your best advantage. Recognize the power you have in the early, building, phase of your cycle. Feel your heightened intuition in the few days preceding blood flow. Acknowledge your need to relax and be quiet as you move into the blood flow days of your moon cycle. Use your wisdom “wisely” as you thrive in the moon free, blood free, years of your life.

What might this awareness look like to you?

During the first half of your cycle (end of bleeding to ovulation): say “yes” more often to the “new” opportunities, to people and gatherings, and to meetings and new projects.

During the second half of your cycle (ovulation to next new bleed): say  ”no” more often, focusing more on the “now.”   Use this time to  bring projects and events to completion. Learn to  prioritize what really needs your attention and nurturing.

Protect your alone time, your downtime, as you move into bleeding.  Relax and increase your favorite self-care treatments.  Get a massage or acupuncture treatment.  Learn reflexology and acupressure.  Use these techniques to do home self-care:  gently massage areas that need healing touch.  Treat yourself to a home “spa” day.

Share your feminine wisdom with your daughters, friends, neighbors, grand daughters… make the path for the younger women easier and more sacred than what you may have experienced.

Being female is an amazing gift. We are the creators. Revel in your divine feminine being, nurture her.

moon lodge


PS If you are raising sons, teach them the wise women ways. Think how harmonious male-female relationships could be when we all understand, remember, wise woman ways!