Red Tent Summit 2016!

dancing wise woman

In the last decade – women have been awakening to the sacredness of our blood…


The time has come to look at our WISDOM YEARS:

What Defines Us as Women when we No Longer Bleed?


Join me, an array of wise women, and host DeAnna L’am, FREELY — on the 3rd Annual

Red Tents In Every Neighborhood – Global Summit:

Freedom in Our Wisdom Years


Prepare the journey toward menopause, through it, and beyond it,

learn to embody your wisdom in full freedom and joy –

from the comfort of your home, in community with thousands of women around the world!


You will receive one video every week-daystarting February 1st.

Each video features one luminary, fierce, leading woman

answering Womb Questions with insight, passion, and heart –

and I am honored to be one of them.


Join us this Red Feast – Freely!  

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